Citizenship Law, Rule of Law, European Constitutionalism,
EU Law of the Overseas
I study global and EU citizenship and constitutionalism, with a particular emphasis on the Rule of Law, EU federalism, EU external relations law, and EU Law of the Overseas: the former colonial possessions and their upgraded ties with the European Union.
Geïnteresseerd in de Quality of Natinality Index? U kunt uw kopie van de inleiding hier downloaden. Het boek is rechstreeks bij Bloomsbury beschikbaar / Download your copy of the Quality of Nationality Index introduction here. You can also buy the full book directly from Bloomsbury.
I published widely on these subjects, including several books and a number of essays
I lead the Rule of Law research group at CEU Democracy Institute in Budapest and teach Global Citizenship at CEU Legal Studies department in Vienna. Besides I eagerly teach Rule of Law, citizenship and different aspects of EU constitutionalism elsewhere in the world. This semester it was the University of Oxford, with a seminar on Citizenship by Investment and LUISS Guido Carli Law School in Rome, where I focused on EU ctizenship law. To make an impact outside the ivory tower, I consult governments, law firms, and international institutions on the subjects of my interest and write op-eds, record podcasts, and give interviews.
NBC News / Le Monde / Zócalo Public Square / Salon / MIT Reader / Как потратить? / Tages Anzeiger / Gazeta Prawna

My little book "Citizenship" has been translated into several languages and reviewed in NYRB. It argues that citizenship is not necessarily a good thing. Passport apartheid has to end.

My work on citizenship, the quality of nationalities and the rule of law is constantly in the press:* e.g. NYT / FT / FT / The Economist / The New Yorker / CBC Sunday Edition / 1843 / Forbes / Bloomberg / The Guardian / BBC Russian / BBC Russian / BBC Russian / BBC Russian / The Daily Mail / New Internationalist / Quartz / The Globe and Mail / La Libre Belgique / Die Welt / fd / NRC / El Punt Avui / La República / DW / Коммерсантъ / etc.

* Abundant trolling by Breitbart, Nieuwsuur, BizPac and in the Tweede Kamer included.

I held visiting research and teaching appointments at Princeton University (Woodrow Wilson School, LAPA Crane Fellowship), NYU Law School (Emile Noël Fellowship), Boston College Law School (Clough Center), Osaka Graduate School of Law, Institute of Global Studies (Basel), York University (Toronto), Turin Faculty of Law (Visiting Chair in Private Law (Citizenship)), LUISS Guido Carli Faculty of a Law (co-Chair of EU Law), Ljubljana Faculty of Law and many others. Giving talks, guest-lectures and key-notes brought me to countless countries institutions worldwide.
My latest research projects include Citizenship / Cittadinanza / Гражданство (MIT Press, 2019 / Il Mulino 2020 / Бомбора 2021 / AlbJuris 2021); European Citizenship under Stress (eds with E. Muir and N. Cambien, Brill-Nijhoff, 2020); The Internal Market and the Future of European Integration (eds with F. Amtenbrink, G. Davies and J. Lindeboom, Cambridge, 2019) EU Citizenship and Federalism: The Role of Rights (ed. Cambridge, 2017); Enforcement of EU Law and Values (eds with A. Jakab, Oxford, 2017) and Reinforcing Rule of Law Oversight in the European Union (eds with C.Closa, Cambridge, 2016).
Together with Dr. Christian Kälin I created the QNI: Kälin and Kochenov's Quality of Nationality Index, applying a rigorous and simple methodology to the assessment of the quality of all the world's nationalities. The most recent dataset, co-edited with J. Lindeboom is available in open access on Mendeley, the index report in a book form is also available (eds with J. Lindeboom, Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2020).

I mostly type in great cafés or in the air. The most important cafés for this have been four, joined by hundreds of others.
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